Celebrating California Native American Day!

On Friday, September 21st-22nd, across the Hemet Unified School District, schools took part in activities and presentations to better understand and learn more about the Native American history in our region, home to several tribes and bands.


The Hamilton Schools hosted members of the Cahuilla Nation, who provided a presentation about their cultural history. Students from K-12 were able to participate in many interactive booths and experiences that included histories on literature, clothing, food, and more. Elders from the Cahuilla nation and other members, including some Hamilton students from the different tribes and bands, presented their “bird songs,” which contain pieces of their history preserved in the form of songs and stories. Some Cahuilla also performed a dance opposite those performing the bird songs.


"The CA Native American Day Celebration highlights our students' cultural traditions and backgrounds and is paramount to celebrating diversity and enhancing community bonds." --Marilyn Taylor, Teacher


One presenter at the Hamilton School gymnasium was former Hamilton student Danae Hamilton Vega, the current chairwoman of the Ramona Band of Cahuilla, who also presented on behalf of her tribe as one of the youngest and the first chairwomen of the tribe.


Hemet Unified School District is proud to partner and collaborate with the Cahuilla Band of Indians, Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla, Ramona Band of Cahuilla, Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla, and the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians. It is an honor to partner with and serve families of these tribes and bands with rich cultural histories.