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Course Offerings

For a comprehensive description of every class, please look through our course catalog, found on our counselor's page.
Classes in GREEN satisfy the UC A-G Requirements
Classes in RED are Advanced Placement courses

o   Agricultural Biology (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Agricultural Flori-culture (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Word Processing (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Computer Applications (Grade Level: 9-12)

Computer Animation (Grades Level: 9-12)

o   English 1 (Grade Level: 9)

o   English 1 Honors (Grade Level: 9)

o   Elective: High School 101 (Grade Level: 9)

o   English 2 (Grade Level: 10)

o   English 2 Honors (Grade Level: 10)

o   English 3 (Grade Level: 11)

o   English AP: Language (Grade Level 11)

o   English 4 (Grade Level: 12)

o  English AP: Literature (Grade Level: 12) 

o   Art 1 (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Art 2 (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Choir (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Band: Advanced (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Multimedia (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Yearbook (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Photojournalism (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Spanish 1 (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Spanish 2 (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Spanish 3 (Grade Level: 10-12)

o   Spanish 3 A/B AP Language (Grade Level: 10-12)

o   Construction Technology (Grade Level: 9-10)

o   Algebra 1 (Grade Level: 9-11)

o   Geometry 1 (Grade Level: 9-12)

٠        Prerequisite:  “C” or better in Algebra 1; for Freshmen: a score of “Proficient” or “Advanced” on 8th grade Math CST

o   Algebra 2 (Grade Level: 10-12)

٠        Prerequisite: “C” or better in Geometry 1

o   Math Analysis (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: “C” or better in Algebra 2

o   Financial Literature (Grade Level: 12)

o   AP Calculus A/B (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: “C” or better in Math Analysis; teacher consent

o   AP Statistics (Grade Level: 12)

٠        Prerequisite: This class is offered on-line

o   Physical Education (Grade Level: 9-12)

o   Athletic Weight Training (Grade Level: 10-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Must be a member of an Athletic team

o   Earth Science (Grade Level: 9)

o   Biology (Grade Level: 9-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Algebra 1; must be within 10 credits of normal progress

o   Chemistry (Grade Level: 10-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Biology or consent of instructor

o   Physics (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Algebra 2 or concurrent enrollment

o   Human Physiology (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: “B” or better in Biology or Chemistry

o   World History (Grade Level: 10)

o   AP European History (Grade Level: 10-12)

o   U.S. History (Grade Level: 11)

o   AP U.S. History (Grade Level: 11-12)

o   Government (Semester) (Grade Level: 12)

o   Economics (Semester) (Grade Level: 12)

o   AP Government (Semester) (Grade Level: 12)

o   Elective: Psychology (Fall) /Cultural Anthropology (Spring) (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Good Academic Standing

o   Cross Age Tutor (off campus) (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Administrator Approval

o   Intervention (Grade Level: 9-11)

٠        Prerequisite: CST scores in “Far Below Basic” or “Below Basic” categories; low MAP scores; inability to pass CASHEE

o  CTE Sports Medicine (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Faculty Approval

o  CTE Emergency Medical Response (Grade Level: 11-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Faculty Approval

o  AVID (Grade Level: 9)

o  ASB Student Leadership (Grade Level: 9-12)

٠        Prerequisite: Faculty Approval; (Required for those elected to Student Leadership)