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UC A-G Requirements

University of California


 California State University Admission Requirements


 A-G Requirements

A.History:  (2 years) One year: U.S. History, or Government and One year: World History

B.  English:  (4 years) Composition, Literature, and selected English Electives

C.  Mathematics:  (3 years) Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II  - 4 years recommended

D.Laboratory Science:  (2 years in three areas) Biology, Chemistry, Physics–3 yearsrecommended

E.  Foreign Language:  Two years of same language: French, Spanish-3 years recommended

F.   Visual and Performing Arts: Two consecutive semesters of an approved course in: Art, Art History, Music, Dance, or Drama.

G.College Prep Electives:   One additional year within any in these areas  College Prep English, Math, Social Studies, Lab Science and Foreign Language.  A  3rd year of language in the elective requirement  or two years of another language; or Visual and Performing Arts

   3.0+ GPA in Grades 10 and 11

  SAT or ACT ScoresUC requires 2 SAT Subject tests in addition to the ACT or SAT Reasoning Test