Hamilton High's Mock Job Interviews

Hemet Unified School District schools are committed to ensuring students graduate from our school’s college and career ready. In October, the district held a College and Career Fair to introduce students to different colleges and career fields. Hamilton High School is kicking things up a notch and providing its students an opportunity to prepare for job interviews. 

Ryan Kleinvachter and Jane Rect, teachers at Hamilton High School, set up this year’s Mock Job Interviews. They invited 13 community members, including Board Member Megan Haley, to mock interview students for potential jobs in their respective fields. Each student that participated had between five to 15 minutes with their interviewer. Jason Sonnier, Counselor at Hamilton High School, said most of the students were nervous before their interviews, but seemed proud and energized by the experience as they left. 

Before the mock job interviews took place, participating staff worked with students to prepare them for their interviews. Staff helped them fill out applications, complete their resumes and cover letters, offered sample interview questions, and advised them how they should dress for the event. Students were then given a list of career fields that would be represented and chose a field they would like to “apply” for. 

The interviewers also enjoyed this event. After the interviews, they were able to debrief with their group of students. They provided students with comments, suggestions, and even future interview strategies to help them be successful during a real job interview. 

This event has been at Hamilton High for the past five years. Staff members appreciate that this event gives them an opportunity to help prepare students for the job process, because it gives them a realistic experience. Sonnier said his favorite part of the event was to see a student who was hesitant about the process show up in a shirt and tie ready to take on this challenge, and be awarded 1st place in his group. 

Thank you to the Hamilton High staff and community members that participated in the event. You provided an opportunity to better prepare students for life outside of high school.

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