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Text Book Policies

  1. Textbooks become the student’s responsibility from the moment the student checks the book out until the moment he/she checks it in to the library. This means that textbooks must be paid for by the student even if the books were stolen or damaged by another person.
  2. Giving a textbook to a teacher does not constitute turning in a textbook. Textbooks must be returned in person to the librarian before the end of the school year.
  3. Students must cover textbooks to protect them from excessive wear. Students must also write their name in the textbook.
  4. Students who choose to leave their textbooks in a classroom are still responsible for the book in the event of theft or damage.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to protect textbooks from rain and other liquids, as liquid damage will result in a fine to replace the book.
  6. Students will be fined if the textbook is returned with excessive wear, such as bumped corners, torn pages, or writing in or on book.
  7. If a student returns a book with missing barcodes and numbers so that the book cannot be identified, the student will be charged the full price of the book.
  8. Students who neglect to return or pay for their textbooks at the close of the school year will be asked again to pay at registration. Students who still have delinquent accounts during the text book check out period will be asked to either return the books or pay the fine before checking out new books for the year. If the student says that he/she does not have the books and/or cannot pay the fine, the parent will have to contact the librarian in writing to indicate that they are aware of the fine, but cannot pay at this time before new textbooks are issued. The parent should then set up an installment plan to pay off the fine.
  9. Finally, if reparation is not made, the district shall afford the student his/her due process rights in conformance with Education Code expulsion procedures and may withhold the student’s grades, diploma, and transcripts. California Education Code (cf. 5144.1)